Cim MoCrédit

Your financial needs change at different stages of life. Cim MoCrédit is the right financing solution that accompanies you in your journey.

Cim MoCrédit is an all-purpose credit facility offered to finance any personal project that you wish to pursue e.g. , purchase of a necessary commodity or for any other personal requirement.

Cim MoCrédit gives a breathing space to those in urgent need of cash.

Cim Voyage

What about going on a splendid vacation with your family and friends? 

Do you wish to explore the world like never before?

Credit Protection Plan (Be Protected)

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you are offered the possibility of financing your credit protection plan (Be Protected), issued by Cim Finance, in collaboration with Mauritius Union Assurance Co Ltd. The Credit Protection Plan is available for all credit purchases made through Cim Finance.

Credit purchase

Cim Finance helps you buy on credit several types of products or services at more than 700 approved partners across the island. Your credit contract is for a given duration of 6 to 30 months with monthly agreed repayments.


FlexiCredit is a credit facility offered by Cim Finance at more than 700 approved partners over the island. It gives you the opportunity to purchase one or more products of your choice and to repay in equal monthly instalments over a period of up to 48 months.

CIM credit cards come with these great benefits


Credit counseling

Zero deposit

Possibility of zero deposit


Local service with 80 counters