Do you dream of travelling? How about taking a vacation with your family and friends to explore other shores?

You don’t need to wait until you’ve saved the full cost. Pack now for your dream destination.

Cim Voyage allows you to travel anywhere anytime! This product has been specifically designed to finance the cost of your dream vacation package. It includes air/cruise tickets, hotel accommodation and other related activities.


Our Strengths

  • Instant Approval
  • Fast, easy and flexible financing solution
  • Fixed interest rates give you an exact idea of your financial commitment
  • Eased cash flow via monthly instalments instead of one-off payment
  • Possibility to travel sooner and more often
  • Credit card with annual fee waived for the 1st year
  • Financing of your vacation package(s) or that of your relatives/friends

Stages of your application

  • Cim Finance undertakes to provide you with a seamless customer experience. We commit to process your application as quickly as possible once all original documents are submitted.

Before You Apply 

  • Choose your travel package at one of our Travel Tour Service Partners (TTSP).
  • Get a quote from the travel agent. 
  • Meet our staff at our Cim Finance sub-offices or counters with the quote and your original KYC documents.

After You Apply 

  • Your application will be assessed and we’ll inform you of the outcome.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive 3 copies of the transaction note, which has to be submitted to your preferred TTSP.
  • As soon as you receive your air tickets and booking confirmation, duly sign the 3 copies of the transaction note and keep one copy for your record.


  • Once we receive your completed application, we will conduct a preliminary assessment of your eligibility regarding the required service/product and contact you shortly. In case your application is successful, you will need to come to one of our sub-branch/counter for signature

Relevant Documents

  • National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Proof of address less than 3 months – CEB/CWA/MT bill
  • Payslip of last 3 months
  • Bank statements of last 6 months
  • Quote from the travel tour service provider
  • BRN/Trade Licence (For Self Employed individual) 


Increasing your chance of approval

Check that you are eligible to apply.

You must

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a minimum monthly revenue of MUR 15,000
  • Be able to afford the credit facility repayments
  • Hold Mauritian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Be resident in Mauritius

Ensure you have secured sufficient funds

  • Be able to finance the remaining costs of your travelling. (Cim Voyage will finance up to 75% of your vacation packages based on your eligibility)

Travel Tips

  • Plan your vacation in advance 
  • Make sure that you have all your travelling documents ready (namely passport and visa requirements)
  • Meet your travel tour service provider with a proper plan for your vacation
  • Consult the tourism portal of the destination country for more information

Travel Tour

Relevant Documents

Proof of address less than 3 months – CEB/CWA/MT bill

Payslip of the last 3 months

Bank statement of last 6 months

National Identity Card (NIC)