You want to spend according to your whims and needs without carrying a lot of cash… You want to purchase online… You are older than 18… You have a minimum monthly income of Rs 3,500…

Cim Finance offers a choice of credit cards – MasterCard and Visa – accepted locally and worldwide by shops and automatic teller machines bearing the respective logos. Whatever your personal needs and income, Cim Finance Classic, Gold and Titanium credit cards bring you exciting features and benefits.

Cim Classic Card
  • Our Classic credit cards help you stay on top of your finances with monthly itemised statements.
  • You can repay in full and take advantage of up to 45 interest-free days or choose to repay in monthly instalments at an interest rate as low as 2.1% per month.
  • Your Classic card also brings you a cash-back option.
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Cim Gold Card
  • Discover a credit card that suits your lifestyle, enhances your purchasing power and conveniently takes care of the details when you are travelling or indulging in some retail therapy or shopping online.
  • The Cim Finance Gold credit cards offer you total peace of mind as there is no need to carry money around to settle your bills.
  • This secure card is your ally when making everyday purchases, eating at your favourite restaurant, booking holiday trips or handling emergency situations.
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Cim Titanium Card
  • If you are the savvy individual who knows his own mind, our Titanium card is for you. Enjoy a world of lifestyle perks, superior protection and a wide range of high-end experiences.
  • You can take advantage of benefits such as “Priority Pass” at VIP lounges in more than 1000 airports across the globe as well as free travel insurance cover to help you experience life's most memorable moments.
  • Anytime, anywhere in the world!
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CIM credit cards come with these great benefits

Flexible repayments

Flexible repayments as from
5% of the balance due

Increased security

Guaranteed safety by microchip and secret PIN code

Insurance covers

Free travel and medical insurance covers with MasterCard/Visa Gold and MasterCard Titanium.

Interest-free credit

Up to 45 days of interest-free credit

Online purchases

Secure online purchases