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You are a merchant or service provider. Payments by cheque and in cash have drawbacks: deposits at the bank; mishandling and counting errors; assault, theft or loss risks. Paying by card has become more practical today both for customers and retailers.

Cim Finance can equip you with an electronic payment terminal POS. Your customers thus pay their purchases with their debit/credit cards. Our POS terminals accept all MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay International cards.


  • The POS terminal provides for a fast, simple and safe way to authorize the card transaction online and in real time with the Bank.
  • It credits your bank account directly with the amount of the transaction
  • It reduces cash receipts counting and avoids bounced checks.  

Your POS

Equip yourself with a POS terminal for cards

With a POS terminal, you become a member of a convenient payment network with worldwide recognition and customer preference.  Our team supports you with personalized service and trains your personnel for POS terminal use.

Relevant Documents

Bank statements for the last 3 months

Certificate of Incorporation

Copy of license /
operational permit / patent

Last Annual Report

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