Steady and cost-effective long-term financing

The more dynamic the economic environment, the more vital it is to maintain your company’s freedom of action. Leasing offers you long-term, stable and inexpensive financing as well as flexibility to exploit growth opportunities without having to source for other sources of financing..

You want to upgrade your vehicle fleet and/or modernize your equipment… while saving your cash flow for other expenses… At CIM Financial Services Ltd, our corporate sales team understands what dynamic and fast-growing businesses need and provides unparalleled guidance to promote their growth. 

Our leasing solutions for vehicles and equipment match your needs and boost your financial security. The flexible leasing contracts let you use assets against periodic repayments scheduled over 36 to 84 months. 


Our strengths

  • Flexible terms for up to 7 years for new cars and 5 years for reconditioned and second hand cars
  • Minimum deposit of 10% 
  • Competitive rates
  • The financed asset serves as security

Stages of your application

  • Submit relevant documents  
  • Obtain a response within 48 hours following the submission of your file
  • If your file is approved, Cim Finance provides up to 90% of the amount before VAT.
  • Take delivery of the asset
  • Start your monthly payments

Relevant documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business proof of address
  • Business registration card
  • VAT Certificate
  • Annual Return/ Financial statements
  • NIC /Passport of Directors
  • Proof of Address of Directors
  • Quotation/Letter from Vendor
  • Trade License/Permit/PSV licence
  • Bank statement

Relevant Documents

Annual Return/ Financial statements

Board Resolution

Business Registration Card

Certificate of incorporation

NIC /Passport of Directors

Proof of Address of Directors